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2011 Montpelier Motor Speedway Results

June 25, 2011

               John Heydenreich celebrates in Victory Lane                    Indy 500 and Nascar Veteran, John Andretti, was in the house  

                                                                                                      helping prepare his son, Jarett, for competition.

Davenport, Iowa Midget Hot Shoe, Davey Ray, scores USAC Mopar D1 Midget Win, Past Chili Bowl Champion, John Heydenreich, wins USAC Ford Focus Feature, and Cooper Clouse Wins Young Gun Division.  Sherman, Lewis, Nichols Score Montpelier Motor Speedway June 25 Victories.

The USAC Mopar D1 Series made its first stop on Indiana soil in 2011 at the Montpelier Motor Speedway Saturday night, June 25, and it was Davenport, Iowa midget star Davey Ray who found victory lane.  John Heydenreich  led the first circuit before sprint car ace, Blake Fitzpatrick took the helm leading the next 2 circuits.  Ray grabbed the lead on lap 4and never looked back.  Jake Blackhurst finished second in a Bryan Clauson entry, Fitzpatrick, Kurt Mayhew, and the winniest female driver in USAC history, Taylor Ferns, rounded out the top 5.

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania’s and the 1990 Chili Bowl Champion, John Heydenreich, night was off to rough start as mechanical issues plagued his D1 chances and a first lap incident in the Ford Focus division that involved several cars that sent Heydenreich to the tail didn’t seem to be helping matters.   On the lap 1 restart, Brunson Behning grabbed the lead for the first 7 laps before giving way to Patrick Bruns for the next four laps.  On lap 13, Heydenreich had worked himself back into contention and led the remainder of the 20 lap feature.  Ross Rankine used a strong run to complete a second place finish with Bruns, Behning, Toby Alfrey, and Jarrett Andretti, the son of John Andretti, who was in the house, rounded out the top 6.  In Young Gun action, Cooper Clouse, picked up the feature win.

In a 30 car UMP Modified field, Churubusco’s Todd Sherman, drew the pole position for the 20 lap main event, it looked to be a tough evening for the other competitors; and it was.  Sherman jumped to the lead on the start and never looked back as he bottom fed the low grove with precision meanwhile behind Sherman side by side battles ensued.  Jim Haagar worked the top side and passed Tony Anderson for second while Jake Ruefer and Bill Haagar rounded out the top 5.

Super Street action found a rare 20 lap event with Fort Recovery’s Jamie Heiser leading the first circuit and then a door to door battle with last week’s winner, Bill Lewis ensued.  Lewis grabbed the lead as Tony Anderson gave chase throughout the entire feature.  Lewis was able to pick up the win over Anderson. James Kepling, Rob Scarrette, and Richard Williams rounded out the top 5. 

In Thunder Car action, a terrific race ensued as Jason Shrout took the lead early.  Travis Nichols was able to work his way through the field to briefly grab the lead away from Shrout at the midway point.  Shrout was able to regain the lead over Nichols a couple of circuits later before Nichols was able to regain the lead again deep into the feature.  DJ Holt and Mark Keith ran side by side and nose to tail with the leaders throughout the feature and Rick Zimmerman was in tow to round out the top 5.


UMP Modifieds
                      30 Entries
 A Main:
1. 65	Todd Sherman	Churubusco, Indiana
2. 16H	Jim Haagar	Richmond, Indiana
3. 22T	Tony Anderson	Bluffton, Ohio
4. F16	Jake Ruefer	Roanoke, Indiana
5. 92	Bill Haagar	Richmond, Indiana
6. 188	Aaron Orr	Columbia City, Indiana
7. 21	Wes Morrison	Wabash, Indiana
8. 8cent	Corey Bevard	Litchfield, Michigan
9. 88	Scott Orr	Columbia City, Indiana
10. 96	JR Ruefer	Roanoke, Indiana
11. 4S	Doug St Myers	
12. 37	JD Francis	Noblesville, Indiana
13. 18	Randy Lines	Marion, Indiana
14. 22	Greg Pitts	Sheridan, Indiana
15. 15J	Jami Cale	Huntington, Indiana
16. 8	Jim Mallory	Moorsville, Indiana
17. 76	John Halsey	Huntington, Indiana
18. 33	Clint Reagle	Farmer, Ohio
19. 10	Brent Davis	Montpelier, Indiana
20. 43	Eric Morris	Hartford City, Indiana
21. 75	Steve Billenstein	New Weston, Ohio
 B Main: (Top 5 To A Main)
6. 23C	Ryan Cripe	 North Manchester, Indiana
7. 44	Jeff Creech	 Richmond, Indiana
8. 63	Troy Stewart - *R	 Albion, Indiana
9. 24	Terry Grilliot - *R	 Versailles, Ohio
10. 511	Terry Hampton	 Bluffton, Indiana
11. 45	Dennis Farver Sr.	 Alexandria, Indiana
12. 24	Zeke McKenzie	 North Manchester, Indiana
13. 4M	Brandon McComas	
 Heat Winners
1st Heat -  #4S Doug St Myers
2nd Heat - #16 Jim Haagar
3rd Heat - #22T Tony Anderson
4th Heat - #65 Todd Sherman
Super Streets
             (20 Laps)
             13 Entries
 A Main:
1. 14	Bill Lewis	Montpelier, Indiana
2. 22T	Tony Anderson	Bluffton, Ohio
3. 21K	James Kepling	McComb, Ohio
4. 8S	Rob Scarrette	New Paris, Ohio
5. 22R	Richard Williams Portland, Indiana
6. 9	Jamie Heiser	Fort Recovery, Ohio
7. 89	Bobby Burton	Kokomo, Indiana
8. 73	Jeff Baldauf	Portland, Indiana
9. 12C	Stevie Clark - *R	Kokomo, Indiana
10. T5X	Bub Roberts - *R	Warren, Indiana
11. J1	Jeff Matheny	Brownsville, Indiana
12. 44	Jamie Pardue	Greenfield, Indiana
13. R1	Ryan Ramseyer	

          Thunder Cars
                               (20 Laps)
                               12 Entries
A Main:
1. 83	Travis Nichols	Portland, Indiana
2. 50	Jason Shrout	Marion, Indiana
3. 87	Mark Keith	Muncie, Indiana
4. 20	DJ Holt		Gas City, Indiana
5. 44Z	Rick Zimmerman	Connersville, Indiana
6. 71F	Rick Frasure	Hartford City, Indiana
7. 73B	Ron Flaugh	
8. 17	Steve Mills	Portland, Indiana
9. 14H	Lonnie Hughes	Silver Lake, Indiana
10. 828	Shane Richardson Markle, Indiana
11. 7	Shane Hillman	Hartford City, Indiana
12. 90	Mike Parks	Warren, Indiana



  USAC Mopar D1 Midgets
                                     8 Entries


Montpelier, IN……..USAC Mopar National Midget vet Davey Ray of Davenport, Iowa won Saturday night’s 20-lap USAC Mopar D1 Midget race at Montpelier Motor Speedway, leading the last 17 laps to beat Jake Blackhurst, Blake Fitzpatrick, Kurt Mayhew and Taylor Ferns. Blackhurst emerged as the series point leader.

A Main:
1. Davey Ray
2. Jake Blackhurst
3. Blake Fitzpatrick,
4. Kurt Mayhew,
5. Taylor Ferns,
6. John Heydenreich,
7. Patrick Bruns.
Toby Alfrey (#5 Alfrey)
Jake Blackhurst (#39 Blackhurst)
Lap 1 Heydenreich, Laps 2-3 Fitzpatrick, Laps 4-20 Ray.
1. Davey Ray (#2 Ray), 2. Blake Fitzpatrick (#10 Moore), 3. Taylor Ferns (#55F Ferns), 4. John Heydenreich (#57B Heydenreich), 5. Kurt Mayhew (#21k Mayhew), 6. Jake Blackhurst (#39X Blackhurst).


  USAC Ford Focus Midgets
                                      13 Entries
A Main:

1. John Heydenreich,
2. Ross Rankine,
3. Patrick Bruns,
4. Brunson Behning,
5. Toby Alfrey,
6. Jarett Andretti,
7. Byron Stowe
8. Tyler Shullick,
9. Jessica Bean,
10. Bill Kriegbaum,
11. Justen Garmenn,
12. Joey Greening,
13. Nick Drake.
Laps 1-7 Behning, Laps 8-12 Bruns, Laps 13-25 Heydenreich

 Heat Results

FIRST HEAT: (10 laps) 1. John Heydenreich (#22 Givens), 2. Patrick Bruns (#83 Bruns), 3. Brunson Behning (#37 Behning), 4. Nick Drake (#55 Cline), 5. Justen Garmenn (#39x Rankine), 6. Ross Rankine (#39 Rankine), 7. Toby Alfrey (#5 Alfrey).

SECOND HEAT: (10 laps) 1. Tyler Shullick (#61 Shullick), 2. Jarett Andretti (#25 Andretti), 3. Joey Greening (#17G Greening), 4. Jessica Bean (#3 Bean), 5. Bill Kriegbaum (#12 Kriegbaum).

           USAC Ford Focus
        Young Guns Midgets
                                        2 Entries
 A Main:
 1. Cooper Clouse,
 2. Sam McGhee.
Heat Results
1. Cooper Clouse (#14 Clouse)
2. Sam McGhee (#11 McGhee)




  Next Event:  Saturday, July 2

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