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2011 Montpelier Motor Speedway Results

July 23, 2011

JR Ruefer Wins UMP Modified Thriller.  Hobbs Collects Super Stock Feature By A Nose.  Nichols and Gipson Back In Victory Lane On July 23.

For the second consecutive weekend, the Ruefer family found themselves in victory lane. Last week, it was brother Jake who netted the $1000 Win over a 42 car field, this week it would be brother, JRís turn as he landed his Team Buzzard race car into victory lane besting 23 other UMP Modifieds.  The 2003 UMP Modified track champion, JR, grabbed the lead using the top shelf as the green flagged waved for the 20 lap event.  Bluffton, Ohioís Tony Anderson worked the bottom as the two raced side by side throughout the entire feature with Ruefer enjoying only a slight advantage at the stripe each circuit.  Zeke McKenzie from his 6th place starting position launched himself forward using the cushion making it a three wide three car battle for the top spot.  As the feature progressed, Jim Haager and Bill Haager joined the dog fight to make it a 5 car battle for the lead as the five cars raced side by side and 2-3 wide.  A series of restarts deep into the feature placed the feature up for grabs, but in the end it was JR who would take the top prize.  Anderson finished second with McKenzie, Jim Haager, Bill Haager, and Jake Ruefer rounding out the top 6.  Andy Bishop completed an outstanding run from his 21st starting position to finish 7th .  Greg Pitts, Todd Sherman (from 14th) and John Halsey all finished in the top 10.  Rueferís win marked the 5th different UMP Modified winner at the speedway in the past 5 races.  5 Time track champion, Todd Sherman, remains the pointís leader for the UMP Modifieds going into next weekendís event.

Super Stock racing action found the closest finish of the season with Mitchell, Indianaís Lee Hobbs picking up the win by less than 6 inches over Richmond, Indianaís Jeff Matheny.  Familiar foes Hobbs and Tony Anderson found themselves on the front row of the 15 lap event, and when the green flag waved, it was another classic Hobbs verses Anderson battle.  Hobbs led throughout as Anderson and Matheny traded positions.  A series of yellow flags deep into the feature restacked the field as Matheny blasted the cushion on the restarts and Hobbs worked the middle/bottom grove.  In the final corner, Hobbs went to the high side and Matheny went to the bottom.  As the two came to the checkered flag it was Hobbs who had the advantage by mere inches.  The feature win marked Hobbsís 4th win of the season and 10th overall at the speedway.  Tony Anderson is currently the track championship pointís leader.

Sheridan Indianaís Gary Gipson found victory lane in the Mod Lite racing action for his second win of the 2011 season.  Only Gipson and Willie McFarland have been able to repeat as winners in a division that so far in 2011 has posted 7 different winners.  When the green flag waved, it found Gipson and McFarland on the front row.  Gipson was able to grab the lead as a great three way race ensued between Gipson, McFarland, and Gary Griffith.  Meanwhile, series pointís leader, Dan Smith, from his 8th place starting position began his drive through the field.  A series of flips on the back stretch from what looked like left front steering damage for Smith halted action and brought out the red flag. Track officials and paramedics thankfully reported that Smith was alert and attentive after such a wild accident .When racing resumed, Gipson again led through the field to the green.  McFarland worked the low grove as Gipson piloted his machine through the middle.  By the checkered flag, McFarland was able to get to the door of Gipson, but was unable to complete the pass.  With Gipsonís win, he will be the series pointís leader heading into action next week.

Portland, Indianaís Travis Nichols scored his 4th of win of the 2011 season in Thunder Car action.  Nichols grabbed the lead from his pole starting position and never looked back.  Marion, Indianaís Jason Shrout, finished second and currently sits 33 points behind Nichols for the track championship.  Portlandís Steve Mills finished third with Aaron Day and Shane Richardson rounding out the top 5.


UMP Modifieds
                     23 Entries
 A Main:

1. 96	JR Ruefer	Roanoke, Indiana
2. 22T	Tony Anderson	Bluffton, Ohio
3. 24	Zeke McKenzie	North Manchester, Indiana
4. 16H	Jim Haager	Richmond, Indiana
5. 92	Bill Haager	Richmond, Indiana
6. F16	Jake Ruefer	Roanoke, Indiana
7. 2	Andy Bishop	Gas City, Indiana
8. 22	Greg Pitts	Sheridan, Indiana
9. 65	Todd Sherman	Churubusco, Indiana
10. 76	John Halsey	Huntington, Indiana
11. 15J	Jami Cale	Huntington, Indiana
12. 116	Jimmie Haager	Eaton, Ohio
13. 8cent Corey Bevard	Litchfield, Michigan
14. 63	Troy Stewart 	Albion, Indiana
15. 511	Terry Hampton	Bluffton, Indiana
16. 23C	Ryan Cripe	North Manchester, Indiana
17. 79	Shane Unger	Versailles, Ohio
18. 75	Steve Billenstein	New Weston, Ohio
19. 24	Terry Grilliot 	Versailles, Ohio
20. E85	Jesse Strange	Marion, Indiana
21. 8	Jim Mallory	Moorsville, Indiana
22. 05	David Smith	Richmond, Indiana
23. 3M	Lonnie McIntyre	Decatur, Indiana - DNS

 Heat Winners
1st Heat -  #22T Tony Anderson
2nd Heat - #96 JR Ruefer
3rd Heat - #24 Zeke McKenzie
Super Streets
                12 Entries
 A Main:
1. H0	Lee Hobbs	Mitchell, Indiana
2. J1	Jeff Matheny	Brownsville, Indiana
3. 22T	Tony Anderson	Bluffton, Ohio
4. 8S	Rob Scarrette	New Paris, Ohio
5. 21K	James Kepling	McComb, Ohio
6. 9	Jamie Heiser	Fort Recovery, Ohio
7. T5X	Bub Roberts	Warren, Indiana
8. 86	Luke Timmerman St. Henry, Ohio
9. 12C	Stevie Clark 	Kokomo, Indiana
10. 22R	Richard Williams Portland, Indiana
11. 73	Jeff Baldauf	Portland, Indiana
12. 89	Bobby Burton	Kokomo, Indiana


Heat Winners
1st Heat -  #H0 Lee Hobbs
2nd Heat - #22T Tony Anderson

          Thunder Cars
                                11 Entries
A Main:
1. 83	Travis Nichols	Portland, Indiana
2. 50	Jason Shrout	Marion, Indiana
3. 17	Steve Mills	Portland, Indiana
4. 112	Aaron Day	Denver, Indiana
5. 828	Shane Richardson Markle, Indiana
6. 73	Brian Baldauf	Portland, Indiana
7. 71F	Rick Frasure	Hartford City, Indiana
8. 42	Scott Fishbaugh	Van Buren, Indiana
9. 11	Shawn Wible	Bryant, Indiana
10. 76	Eric Gibbs - *R	Marion, Indiana
11. 215X	 Jeremy Crow	

Heat Winners
1st Heat -  #83 Travis Nichols
2nd Heat - #17 Steve Mills
             Mod Lites
                                8 Entries
A Main:
 1.  #5  Gary Gipson
 2.  #11  Willie McFarland
 3.  #26  Gary Griffith
 4.  #95 Todd Padgett
 5.  #56 Rob Brenner
 6.  #98 Dennis Griffith
 7. #14 Tim Vangundy
 8. #47U Dan Smith

Heat Winners
1st Heat -  #11  Willie McFarland


  Next Event:  Saturday, July 30

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