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2011 Montpelier Motor Speedway Results

August 13, 2011 - USAC Midget Triple Header


Special Thanks To Event Sponsors:

Haager Auto & Truck Service - Richmond, Indiana

Marathon National Oil & Gas Incorporated - Bluffton, Indiana

Stowe Wins Wild USAC Ford Focus Midget Feature.  Sherman Scores Montpelier Motor Speedway Career Win #50 From 12th in Rain Shortened Event.


Byron Stowe of Westchester, Ohio emerged with his first USAC feature win Saturday night at Montpelier Motor Speedway, concluding a wild 25-lap feature. He took the lead on lap 24 after a four-car tangle involved the leaders and he led the last two laps in his Traxxas/Amsoil Beast. Toby Alfrey finished second ahead of Ross Rankine, Josh Staten and Dillon Welch. The accompanying Midwest Focus Young Guns feature was rained out after Sam McGhee won the heat race. In the Focus feature, Nick Drake led the first five laps, Patrick Bruns led the next 12, Drake led one and Brune then led five before incidents jumbled the standings and left Stowe as the leader on the lap 24 restart.


Heavy Rain forced cancellation of Saturday night’s USAC Mopar D1 Midget and Ford Focus Young Gun features at Montpelier Motor Speedway. Series point leader Taylor Ferns won the 10-lap heat race in the Mopar D1 Midget Division.  Ferns was followed by Jake Blackhurst, Brent Beauchamp, Kent Schmidt, Lynsey Tilton, Isaac Chapple and John Heydenreich.  The Ford Focus Young Gun heat was won by Sam McGhee followed by 2011 Montpelier Motor Speedway Winner Cooper Clouse with Cole Custer rounding out the top three.

With ominous clouds and lightning in the distance, the UMP Modifieds took to the track for their A Main event.  Bluffton Ohio’s Tony Anderson jumped to the early lead bringing 2 time 2010 Montpelier winner Derek Losh in tow.  Rensellar Indiana’s Losh was able to grab the lead from Anderson before the half way mark.  Meanwhile, fans who braved the strong winds witnessed one of Churubusco, Indiana’s Todd Sherman’s best Montpelier drives.  Sherman who started 12th worked his way to third position by lap 8 and at the half way point was able to dive under Losh to take the lead going into turn 1.  By lap 12, a heavy downpour began to fall at the track forcing the stoppage of the feature.  With the feature beyond the half way mark along with deteriorating conditions due to weather, the caution and checkered flag waved over the feature with Sherman in the lead.  Sherman passed 12 cars in 10 laps to score his memorable 50th career win at the Montpelier Motor Speedway.  Losh followed in second as Tony Anderson, Zeke McKenzie, and Jake Ruefer rounded out the top 5.  Heat races were won by Bill Lewis, Ryan Cripe, Zeke McKenzie, and Tony Anderson.  Jim Haager won the B Main.  28 UMP Modifieds signed in to compete at the August 13 event.

Super Street and Thunder Car action was postponed due to rain.  The August 13th  Montpelier Motor Speedway field found drivers from Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and California.  The Montpelier Motor Speedway will be back in action Saturday night with a regular program of UMP Modifieds, Super Streets, Thunder Cars, and Mod Lites.

UMP Modifieds
                     28 Entries
 A Main:

1. 65	Todd Sherman	Churubusco, Indiana
2. 21L	Derek Losh	Rensselaer, Indiana
3. 22T	Tony Anderson	Bluffton, Ohio
4. 24	Zeke McKenzie	North Manchester, Indiana
5. F16	Jake Ruefer	Roanoke, Indiana
6. 23C	Ryan Cripe	North Manchester, Indiana
7. 14	Andy Bishop	Gas City, Indiana
8. 15J	Jami Cale	Huntington, Indiana
9. 16H	Jim Haager	Richmond, Indiana
10. 76	John Halsey	Huntington, Indiana
11. 96	JR Ruefer	Roanoke, Indiana
12. 22	Greg Pitts	Sheridan, Indiana
13. 116	Jimmie Haager	Eaton, Ohio
14. 25	Rob Pease	Keystone, Indiana
15. 43	Eric Morris	Hartford City, Indiana
16. 4	Brandon McComas Selma, Indiana
17. 63	Troy Stewart 	Albion, Indiana
18. 8	Jim Mallory	Moorsville, Indiana
19. 92	Bill Haager	Richmond, Indiana
20. 7W	Bill Lewis	Montpelier, Indiana
B Main: (Top 4 To A Main)
5. 93	Josh Greber	Celina, Ohio
6. 44	Jeff Creech	Richmond, Indiana
7. 71D	Anthony Davis	New Castle, Indiana
8. 511	Terry Hampton	Bluffton, Indiana
9. 77	Ronnie Lewis 	Marion, Indiana
10. E85	Jesse Strange 	Marion, Indiana
11. 28	Chad Rosenbeck	Versailles, Ohio
12. 78	Charlie Walden	Windfall, Indiana

Heat Winners
1st Heat -  #7W Bill Lewis
2nd Heat - #23 Ryan Cripe
3rd Heat - #24 Zeke McKenzie
4th Heat - #22T Tony Anderson
   USAC Ford Focus Midgets
                13 Entries
 A Main:
1. Byron Stowe,
2. Toby Alfrey,
3. Ross Rankine,
4. Josh Staten,
5. Dillon Welch,
6. Kent Kriegbaum,
7. Bradley Galedrige,
8. Patrick Bruns,
9. Cole Custer,
10. Nick Drake,
11. John Heydenreich,
12. Justen Garmenn,
13. Joey Greening.
**Garmenn flipped on lap 9 of the feature.
Laps 1-5 Drake,
Laps 6-17 Bruns,
Lap 18 Drake,
Laps 19-23 Bruns,
Laps 24-25 Stowe


Heat Results

FIRST HEAT: (8 laps) 1. John Heydenreich (#22x Givens), 2. Patrick Bruns (#83 Bruns), 3. Nick Drake (#55 Cline), 4. Cole Custer (#55x Cline), 5. Ross Rankine (#39 Rankine), 6. Dillon Welch (#41 Sexton), 7. Toby Alfrey (#5 Alfrey). NT

SECOND HEAT: (8 laps) 1. Bradley Galedrige (#22 Givens), 2. Josh Staten (#26 Staten), 3. Byron Stowe (#91 Alfrey), 4. Kent Kriegbaum (#12 Kriegbaum), 5. Justen Garmenn (#14 Rankine), 6. Joey Greening (#17G Greening).

   USAC Mopar D1 Midgets
                                7 Entries
A Main:
        Rained Out

Heat Results
1. Taylor Ferns (#55 Ferns),
2. Jake Blackhurst (#39 Blackhurst),
3. Brent Beauchamp (#16 Sandy),
4. Kent Schmidt (#5k SK),
5. Lynsey Tilton (#6rr Liguori),
6. Isaac Chapple (#52 Chapple),
7. John Heydenreich (#22 Givens)
           USAC Ford Focus
              Young Guns
                                       3 Entries
A Main:
        Rained Out
Heat Results
1. Sam McGhee (#11 McGhee),
2. Cooper Clouse (#14 Clouse),
3. Cole Custer (#55x Cline).




           Super Streets
                                   12 Entries
A Main:
         Postponed Due To Rain
           Thunder Cars
                                       17 Entries
A Main:
         Postponed Due To Rain

  Next Event:  Saturday, August 20

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