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2011 Montpelier Motor Speedway Results

September 3, 2011

Losh Repeats In UMP Modified Action.  Anderson, Shrout, & McFarland Back To Montpelier Victory Lane.

The 2.5 hour drive back to Rensselaer, Indiana for Derek Losh the past two weeks have been a lot more enjoyable.  For the second week in a row, Losh piloted his Bob Pierce/Mullins powered modified to victory lane besting 23 UMP Modifieds.  Jim Haager and Tony Anderson battled it out early in the feature with Anderson piloting the Eric Morris Motorsport entry for the evening.  Anderson lead early as Losh worked his way to the lead from his 3rd row starting position.  The LV Inferno, Lake Village’s Jamie Lomax rocketed his way from 5th to Losh’s back bumper but was unable to pass Losh as laps ticked away.  Jim Haager, Jake Ruefer, and Todd Sherman rounded out the top 5.  The event had a National flare to it with current Montpelier point’s leader, Todd Sherman, who currently resides 3rd in the nation in UMP Points, and Lomax who is currently 7th in nation in the field.  Heat races were won by Anderson, Jake Ruefer, and JR Ruefer.

Willie McFarland returned to victory lane in Mod Lite action picking up his 3rd win of the 2011 season.  McFarland led every lap with Gary Griffith, Dan Smith, Tim Vangundy, and Randy Vangundy rounding out the top 5. 

A wild Super Street event was on tap for the 15 lap A Main event.  Bluffton, Ohio’s Tony Anderson jumped to the lead on the drop of the green flag before handing the lead to Jeff Matheny.  Matheny continued a strong run through the middle portion of the feature before suffering mechanical difficulties on a restart that prematurely ended the race leader’s night.  On a lap 10 restart, track officials determined, Kokomo, Indiana’s Chris Hunter, did not race through the restart cone nose to tail thus mandating a two position penalty.   With Hunter finally grabbing the lead and the final 5 laps being completed under green flag conditions, the penalty would be assessed at the conclusion of the feature.  Anderson picked up his 30th Super Street feature win at the Montpelier Motor Speedway. St. Henry, Ohio’s Luke Timmerman was 2nd with Hunter, the only Hoosier in the top 5, scored 3rd after the penalty.  McComb, Ohio’s, James Kepling and Celina, Ohio’s, Tony Homan rounded out the top 5 in the 13 car field.  Heat races were won by Timmerman and Anderson.

New Hope, Ohio’s, Ed Johnson, gave current Montpelier Motor Speedway point’s leader, Jason Shrout all he could handle in Thunder Car action.  Shrout led every lap of the feature with Johnson using the top shelf trying to find the momentum to pass Shrout.  A wild series of flips on the backstretch for Portland, Indiana’s, Steve Mills, brought out the red flag.  With Mills’ Thunder Car on its side, Mills was able to climb from the machine.  Shrout’s win marked his 10th Thunder Car win at the Montpelier Motor Speedway with Johnson in second, Travis Nichols in 3rd with Mike Oler and Kalep Nutter rounding out the top 5.  Shrout currently holds a slim12 point advantage over 2010 Thunder Car Champion Travis Nichols with only a few left in the point’s chase. 

Next Saturday, September 10 will see adjustments to the program schedule.  USAC has removed the Mopar D1 Midgets from the race card.  The USAC Ford Focus Midgets, Ford Focus Young Gun Midgets, and UMP Modifieds will be in action.   Super Streets, Thunder Cars, and Mod Lites will also now run a full program.


          UMP Modifieds
                                       23 Entries
A Main:


1. 21L	Derek Losh	Rensselaer, Indiana
2. 36L	Jamie Lomax	Lake Village, Indiana
3. 16H	Jim Haager	Richmond, Indiana
4. F16	Jake Ruefer	Roanoke, Indiana
5. 65	Todd Sherman	Churubusco, Indiana
6. 2	Andy Bishop	Gas City, Indiana
7. 15J	Jami Cale	Huntington, Indiana
8. 3M	Lonnie McIntyre	Decatur, Indiana
9. 24	Zeke McKenzie	North Manchester, Indiana
10. 8	Jim Mallory	Moorsville, Indiana
11. 45	Dennis Farver Sr. Alexandria, Indiana
12. 4	Brandon McComas Selma, Indiana
13. 43	Tony Anderson	Bluffton, Ohio
14. 96	JR Ruefer	Roanoke, Indiana
15. 32	Kyle Herbert	Greensburg, Indiana
16. 92	Bill Haager	Richmond, Indiana
17. 63	Troy Stewart	Albion, Indiana
18. 18	Jim Coffey	Richmond, Indiana
19. 76	John Halsey	Huntington, Indiana
20. 77	Bill Bradley	Marion, Indiana
21. 23C	Ryan Cripe	North Manchester, Indiana
22. 5	Bub Roberts	Warren, Indiana
23. 44	Jeff Creech	Richmond, Indiana

Heat Winners
1st Heat -  #
2nd Heat - #
3rd Heat - #
           Super Streets
                                   13 Entries
 A Main:
1. 22T	Tony Anderson	Bluffton, Ohio
2. 86	Luke Timmerman St. Henry, Ohio
3. 45L	Chris Hunter	Kokomo, Indiana
4. 21K	James Kepling	McComb, Ohio
5. 1	Tony Homan	Celina, Ohio
6. 9	Jamie Heiser 	Fort Recovery, Ohio
7. 73	Jeff Baldauf	Portland, Indiana
8. J1	Jeff Matheny	Brownsville, Indiana
9. 5	Jeremy Stocker	Portland, Indiana
10. 32X	Andy Herbert	Spencer, Indiana
11. 77	Ryan Bell	Warren, Indiana
12. 21P	Perry Jones	Portland, Indiana
13. 22R	Richard Williams Portland, Indiana
Heat Winners
1st Heat -  #86 Luke Timmerman
2nd Heat - #22T Tony Anderson
           Thunder Cars
                                       13 Entries
A Main:
1. 50	Jason Shrout	Marion, Indiana
2. 2T	Ed Johnson	New Hope, Ohio
3. 83	Travis Nichols	Portland, Indiana
4. 91K	Mike Oler	Liberty, Indiana
5. 3N	Kaleb Nutter	Kokomo, Indiana
6. 7	L.J. Weston	New Castle, Indiana
7. 71F	Rick Frasure	Hartford City, Indiana
8. 42	Scott Fishbaugh	Van Buren, Indiana
9. 90	Mike Parks	Warren, Indiana
10. 14H	Lonnie Hughes 	Silver Lake, Indiana
11. 17	Steve Mills	Portland, Indiana
12. 73	Brian Baldauf	Portland, Indiana
13. 828	Shane Richardson Markle, Indiana


 Heat Winners
1st Heat - #3N Kaleb Nutter
2nd Heat -  #50 Jason Shrout
                 Mod Lites
                                       9 Entries
A Main:
 1. #11 Willie McFarland
 2. #26 Gary Griffith
 3. #98 Dan Smith
 4. #14 Tim Vangundy
 5. ##21 Randy Vangundy
 6. #56 Rob Brenner
 7. #95 Todd Padgett
 8. #5 Gary Gipson
 9. #4U James Parker
Heat Winners
1st Heat - #11 Willie McFarland




  Next Event:  Saturday, September 10

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