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Friday, October 12 & Saturday, October 13
New Show and Complete Payout Each Night!


Topless UMP Modifieds
Outlaw Super Streets
Outlaw Thunder Cars
Mod Lites
Front Wheel Drives Compacts (Saturday Only)
Plus 2012 Non-Winner's Challenge for Modifieds, Super Streets and Thunder Cars!


Topless UMP Modifieds - UMP Rules (Topless Optional)

  • The only deviation for UMP Modified rules is the removal of the roof!   Modifieds will follow ALL other UMP rules including tire rule (Hoosier A, D, H or American Racer equivalent), tire width, etc...

  • Sail panels, top wings, etc... are NOT legal in the modified division!

Outlaw Super Streets

  • Minimum Weight
    o        2 Barrel Carburetor 3000 Pounds
    o        4 Barrel Carburetor 3200 Pounds
    o        Aluminum bodies add additional 100 pounds
  • Sprint Car Style Wings, Big Spoilers. Topless, Air Foils, etc... are LEGAL! (Optional)
  • Maximum 8 inch Tire (Open Tire Brand Rule - Hoosier, American Racer, Any DOT Tire)
  • Rear tail area of the car must be enclosed.
  •  All Safety Rules Apply
  • Attica and Fremont Trucks Legal in Outlaw Super Street Class


Outlaw Thunder Cars

  • Sprint car style Top Wings are LEGAL! (Optional).  Thunder Cars that are running a top wing CAN remove the roof where the pillars meet the front fenders and rear quarters  Thunder Cars without a top wing must keep their roofs intact. 
  • Rear Deck Spoilers are LEGAL (Optional) 
  • Minimum Weight - 2 Barrel Carburetor 3,200 Pounds - 4 Barrel Carburetor 3,400 Pounds
  • Maximum 8" inch stock DOT Tire (No Race Tires!)
  • Entirely Stock (All Steel) Engine and Entirely Stock Frame and Suspension Components (Aftermarket Valve Covers, Aftermarket Oil Pan, and Tubular Upper Control Arms Allowed)!
  • 9inch Ford and Floater Rearends allowed, Aftermarket Shocks and Springs are allowed.
  • Any car registered or raced as a Super Street at the Montpelier Motor Speedway in 2012 or any car raced in a street stock class allowing race tires is not eligible to compete in the Thunder Car class and must remain in the Super Street class.
  • All Safety Rules Apply
Thunder Car Top Roof clarification made October 1, 2012
Front Wheel Drive Compacts
  • Front Wheel Drive Car
  • Any stock 4 cylinder engine.
  • 7" maximum width tire.
  • All Safety Rules Apply including proper cage, seat, belts, fire suit/helmet, and fuel containment.

2012 Non-Winner's Challenge Race

Driver and Car Eligibility

  • Driver CANNOT have won an A Main event in ANY class at ANY speedway during the 2012 season.  2012 heat race winners and BMain winners are allowed in the non-winner challenge.

  • Car CANNOT have won an A Main event in ANY class at ANY speedway during the 2012 season.

  • Winner Takes All - Trophy, Pictures, $ To Win

  • Car and driver must compete in heats and other Mains for the Outlaw Duel Weekend's event for that night before competing in the Non-Winner's Challenge.

Race Distance

  • 12 Laps

Starting Spot

  • Determined By Pill Draw

Indiana VS Ohio Super Street Team Challenge Race

Presented By:  Squirrel's Speed Service


  • If a separate race is required, the race with will be 10 laps in distance.

  • Teams will be designated by certain color flags or streamers from the roll cage.

Establishing Teams

  • After the A Main has been set for the feature, the driver who qualified for the A Main event who is highest in Montpelier track championship points will become the Indiana team captain and the driver who qualified for the A Main event who is highest in Limaland track championship points will become the Ohio team captain

  • Each captain will select an additional 4 teammates for the challenge from their home track/state.

  •  In the event that a driver runs both Lima and Montpelier, track championship points will determine which team the driver is eligible to compete for.  Whichever track the driver is highest in track championship points in will determine which state they compete for.


  • The finishing positions for the 5 teammates will be added together.  The team with the LOWEST score wins the challenge. 

  • Example:

  •     Team X has finishes of 1,3,5,7,9 - Team Score = 25

  •     Team Y has finishes of 2,4,6,8,10 - Team Score = 30

  • Team X Wins!

Winner Team

  • The winning team and its 5 members will be awarded with trophies on the front stretch along with photos.

Date & Times

Night #1 - Friday, October 12

Gates Open - 4:00
Hot Laps - 6:00
Racing - 7:00


 Topless UMP Modifieds -  $1000 To Win | $100 To Start 

 Outlaw Super Streets -  $500 To Win | $75 To Start

 Outlaw Thunder Cars -  $400 To Win | $50 To Start

 Mod Lites -  $160 To Win | $40 To Start

 Indiana VS Ohio Super Street Team Challenge
 Presented By:  Squirrel's Speed Service

 2012 Non-Winner's Challenge  Thunder Cars - $ To Win



Night #2 - Saturday, October 13

Gates Open - 12:00
Hot Laps - 4:00
Racing - 5:00


 Topless UMP Modifieds -  $1000 To Win | $100 To Start 

 Outlaw Super Streets -  $500 To Win | $75 To Start

 Outlaw Thunder Cars -  $400 To Win | $50 To Start

 Mod Lites -  $160 To Win | $40 To Start

 FWD Compacts -  $160 To Win | $40 To Start

 2012 Non-Winner's Challenge  UMP Modifieds - $ To Win

 2012 Non-Winner's Challenge  Super Streets - $ To Win



Ticket Info

General Admission - $10 (Each Night)

Kids (12 and Under) - FREE (with paid accompanying adult)

Pit Pass - $30 (Each Night)

Entry Fee - None

Montpelier Motor Speedway Competitors License - $20

A Montpelier Motor Speedway Competitors License is required to race at the Montpelier Motor Speedway. The fee for the license is $20.00. If you wish to save time at the track on race day, a link to this form can be found below.  The paperwork can also be completed at the track upon your arrival.  This is a one-time license that must be completed upon your first race at the Speedway each year (if you have already raced here in 2012, then you already have this license).




      Free Primitive Overnight Camping For Fans & Race Teams.


Located West Of The Track on Highway 18 at the Interstate I69 Exit 64
Located 15.4 Miles From The Track
Days Inn
6138 Corridor Dr.
Marion, IN  46953
(765) 664-5840
Located Southwest Of The Track on Highway 22 at the Interstate I69 Exit
Located 20 Miles From The Track
Super 8 Motel 
5172 S Kay Bee Dr
Gas City, IN
(765) 998-6800
Best Western 
4936 S Kay Bee Dr
Upland, IN
(765) 998-2331
Holiday Day Inn Express
4914 Beaner Boulevard,
Gas City, IN
(765) 674-6664


Montpelier Motor Speedway - Montpelier, Indiana

Physical Address:

700 South Jefferson
Montpelier, Indiana 47359



Montpelier Motor Speedway - 700 South Jefferson Street - Montpelier, Indiana 47359

Owners & Promoters - Harold & Lori Hunter

Track Phone 765-728-8210