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2013 Track Championship Points System

A Main - Points System

1st - 60
2nd - 58
3rd - 56
4th - 54
5th - 52
6th - 50
7th - 48
8th - 46
9th - 44
10th - 42
11th - 40
12th - 38
13th - 36
14th - 34
15th - 32
16th - 30
17th - 28
18th - 26
19th - 24
20th - 22


B Main - Points System (1st Equals First Car Not Transferred To A Main)

1st - 20
2nd - 19
3rd - 18
4th - 17
5th - 16
6th - 15
7th - 14
8th - 13
9th - 12
10th - 11
11th - 10
12th - 10
13th - 10
14th - 10
15th – 10
16th - 10
17th - 10
18th - 10
19th - 10
20th – 10

Point Distribution

Tow Points

A car that hot laps, but fails to compete in their heat and feature will receive 5 points for towing to the track.

Last Place Points

Cars that make an earnest attempt at racing (meaning they attempted to compete in a heat race at race speed, in attendance for a make up feature, etc…) but is unable to start a main will be rewarded last place points based on the size of the field. If there is a B Main for that class, they are awarded with last place B Main points.

Disqualifications, Scaling, and Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Any driver that does not pass post race inspection, meet minimum weight as required by class rules, fails to scale immediately following event as required by feature finishers, or participates in actions deemed as unsportsmanlike conduct by the race director will forfeit all points and monies for the event and may be subject to further disciplinary actions.

Championship Tie Breaker

If a tie exists at the conclusion of the championship season, the tie breaker will be determined by:

- Number of A Main Feature Wins

If a tie still exists after the first tie breaker, track officials will use the number of 2nd place finishes to determine the tie breaker.  This process will continue through 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc... until the tie is broken.

Rookie of the Year

Any driver with less than 6 career starts in their respective division will be eligible to compete for the Rookie of the Year award.  Drivers must declare their intention for competing for the Rookie of the Year award on their Competitors License Form.

Points Fund Payout

The advertised points fund payout is guaranteed and all monies and awards will be presented at the track championship banquet.  Competitors must have competed in 50% of the completed points events to be eligible for points fund payout. 



Montpelier Motor Speedway - 700 South Jefferson Street - Montpelier, Indiana 47359

Owners & Promoters - Harold & Lori Hunter

Track Phone 765-728-8210