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Montpelier Motor Speedway Continues 2014 Facility Improvements Adding New Catch Fence System, Transponder Scoring, and New Front Stretch Wall.
After a long and tenuous winter, the Montpelier Motor Speedway staff is busy preparing the 111 year old East Central Indiana facility for the 2014 Season Opener on April 4 and April 5.   The Speedway will see some of its biggest improvement in the history of the facility with an emphasis not only on appearance and facility upgrades, but a major focus on fan and competitor safety.
One major addition to the speedway’s facility improvement plan is the addition of a new catch fence system.  The new catch fence system will increase the height, strength, and span over the top of the track to greatly increase the safety of both competitors and spectators along with allowing the speedway the option of hosting a wide range of racing classes.  The fence system is NASCAR/Indy car approved and features fencing posts that weigh nearly 500 pounds each and is constructed high grade material with nearly one inch thick sidewalls.   The system will feature new fencing material along with nearly 5,000 feet of 1 inch diameter steal cabling that is coupled in steal plating for additional strength.  The new fence system will join a new concrete block wall that runs the length of the straightaway along with the removal of the wall in the corners to allow run off areas in the corners.  Both upgrades are major safety improvements for both competitors and spectators.
The speedway is also adding a Westhold Transponder scoring loop to the facility that will allow race officials to use transponder scoring for the 2014 season.  Each race car will carry a transponder near the right rear axle that will track the race car’s position, speed, and lap times during competition.  Initially only Midgets, UMP Modifieds, NRA Sprint Invaders, and BOSS Sprint Cars will be required to use transponders The system will provide 100% accurate scoring along with affording the speedway the ability to offer individual or group qualifying for special events.  The use of the transponders along with the RaceCeivers will also allow race officials to quickly reset race lineups after cautions helping to aid in a quickly moving show for competitors and race fans.  Transponders can be purchased through the speedway or Internet or can be purchased through a MMS Speedway rent to own program.  Single night rentals of the units are available for $10 per event.   
Also, incorporated into the project will lighting system that will focus additional lighting into the corners and back stretch along with continuation of drainage projects to aid with drying the facilities with heavy rainfall.  The track has received an additional racing grove off of turn 2 with additional racing room expanded in turns 3 and 4.
The Montpelier Motor Speedway, which began racing in 1903 and hosted its first automobile race in 1915, is one of America’s oldest remaining racing facilities.   While the east central Indiana ¼ mile clay oval has a historic past, the facility has seen many major modern upgrades the past four seasons including new restrooms, bleachers along with the addition of many safety features.  The Montpelier Motor Speedway commonly competes weekly on Saturday Nights with its popular Modified and Stock Car divisions, and is also the host to the popular Montpelier Motor Speedway Midget series.  The speedway will also host a NRA Sprint Invader (Winged Sprint Cars) Border War event on June 7th followed by the Buckeye Outlaw Sprint Series (BOSS) on September 6.  Others classes to be found at the speedway during the 2014 season include: Mod Lites, MTQRL (TQ Midgets), and Midwest Mini Sprint Association (MMSA) Winged Mini Sprints.

Front Stretch Wall - Updated April 22, 2014
A view of the front stretch wall receiving some paint.
The first phase of the lighting project has been completed with reconfigured and additional lights added to the turns and corners.
Pit Wall
A new cement wall and catch fence has been added to separate the track and runoff area from the staging area.
Track Exit
The new layout now features a seperate entrance and exit lane.  The new exit is now located off of the straightway on the front stretch.
New speakers have been added throughout the grandstand area.

Front Stretch Wall & Fencing - Updated April 5, 2014
A new cement wall has been installed along the front stretch along with a new catch fence system.  The wall is still awaiting paint from the MMS crew.
Front Stretch Wall
A view of the new wall and fence system from the spectator side of the fence.  The new fence system is built to withstand high speed impacts and is Nascar/Indy car approved.
Turn 4
A view of Turn 4 and the new run off area.  Turn 4 is now absent of the guardrail and the turn 4 has been given additional racing groves.
Turn 1
A view from the pit's grandstands of the new turn 1 and run off area.  A new block wall separates the pits from the racing surface with additional fencing to be added.
Track Lighting
The MMS staff has been reconfiguring and adding additional lighting to the track's lighting system.
Exit Lane
A view from the next track exit lane.  The track's entrance lane and exit lane has been reconfigured.

New Catch Fence - Updated March 22, 2014
A view of the catch fence and wall before the fencing material was added.  The fencing was scheduled to be mounted on the weekend of March 29.
A view of the fence and wall from the front stretch grandstand.
The new catch fence system and wall can be seen here along with open corners and run off areas.
The new catch fence system uses 7 strands of inch cable throughout the posts.  Each cable is individually mounted and plated to the posts.
Bleacher Aisle Ways
Our fans, through the online fan experience survey, indicated the need for defined aisle ways using a smaller steps that are easier to navigate.  All bleachers are receiving the aisle ways which should be much more convenient for our fans and their families.

New Catch Fence System - UPDATED - March 15, 2014
The new catch fence system awaits installation.  The project is to be completed by mid-March.

 The inside of each catch fence post features a thick sidewall for strength

Turn 3 and 4 has been expanded to promote more passing.

Montpelier Motor Speedway Begins Facility Improvements For 2014 Race Season.
In an effort to provide a better race experience for drivers and fans, a major off-season project is currently underway at the Montpelier Motor Speedway in preparation for the 2014 season. Following the final 2013 event, the track staff has removed the steel guardrail that runs the length of the straightaway along with all fencing, guardrails, and light poles in turns and 1 and also turn 4.
The completion of the new project for the 2014 season will feature:
  •  A concrete wall that runs the entire length of the front stretch.
  • The project will leave each turn of the racing facility open with a “run off” area before a wall and fence separates the track from the pit area.  This will give drivers a "buffer" and allow for more room for error before wall contact.
  • With the removal of the wall in the corners, the turns of the track will be re-radiused with wider and flowing corners specifically in turns 3 and 4.
  • A new push off lane and track entrance will be constructed on turn 2 while a separate exit lane will be constructed off of turn 1 providing a safer entrance/exit lanes.
  •  Light poles and lighting will be moved into the infield and provide better lighting in the corners and the backstretch.
GRANDSTAND VIEW - November 29, 2013
A view of the new Turn 4 from the grandstands.
A view of Turn 1 from the grandstands
PHASE 2 - TURN 4 - November 29, 2013
A view of turn 1 from turn 4.  Turns 1 and 2 along with turns 4 will now be wall-less and feature a run-off area. 
The front stretch will feature a concrete wall and catch fence the runs the length.
Turn 4 with guardrail removed and being prepared for new wall.

A view of the old turn 4 and catch fence

A view of turn 4 with wall and light poles removed.

Turn 4 is being re-radiused into a flowing corner and is also be widened.  
Turn 4 is being re-radiused into a flowing corner and is also be widened.   The turn will also be feathered into a wall-less runoff area.
Turn 4 is being re-radiused into a flowing corner and is also be widened.   The turn will also be feathered into a wall-less runoff area.
PHASE 1 - TURN 1 - November 9, 2013
Turn 1 wall is removed and will feature a run off area before a wall separates the track and pit area.
The front stretch wall has been removed and will now flow into an exit lane off of turn 1.
A view of Turn 1 with the wall and lights removed.  The light poles from the turns will be moved to the infield.
A look at turn 1 and the location of the new pit exit.


Montpelier Motor Speedway - 700 South Jefferson Street - Montpelier, Indiana 47359

Owners & Promoters - Harold & Lori Hunter

Track Phone 765-728-8210