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Montpelier Motor Speedway To Utilize Westhold Transponder Scoring System in 2014.

The Montpelier Motor Speedway beginning with the 2014 season will utilize a Westhold Race Management System. The system, utilizing a scoring loop underneath the track at the finish line, will produce 100% race accurate scoring along with providing by lap race positioning, lap times, and lap speed. On the initial onset of the 2014 season a Westhold transponder will be required in the Midget and UMP Modifieds divisions along with NRA Sprint Invaders and BOSS Sprint programs. Over the course of the season, transponder scoring will also be phased into the Super Street and Thunder Car divisions. The FWD Compact and Mod Lites divisions will not be required to use them at this time.

The system requires that each car in the mandated division to carry a Westhold transponder (Model: 2180-001 – Yellow in Color) which features a rechargeable battery and is covered by a three year warranty. The system is commonly used throughout at tracks locally and throughout the country and the Montpelier Motor Speedway system is fully compatible with these systems. The race management system will also offer the ability to qualify cars for special programs individually along with the option of group qualifying. Lap times, lap speed, scoring position on the race track, and other information will be generated following the races and provided by the track’s website to provide race teams with race feedback.

The Montpelier Motor Speedway will also be working with software vendors to research the possibility of providing the following features: Live Timing & Scoring via the Montpelier Motor Speedway website that will provide online Lap Times, Lap Speed & Lap Scoring that will be accessible at the speedway via mobile devices.

Transponder Unit -

Mounting Instructions -

Purchase/Rental Options


The Montpelier Motor Speedway will have a supply of yellow Westhold transponder sets to sell to race teams for $240 which includes the rechargeable transponder, charger and mounting pouch.  Pre-orders to guarantee the user receives a unit at the first race can be made by contacting Harold at 765-661-9627. Payment can be made by charge card or cash at the first race program.

Rent To Own

Race teams can also rent to own for $20 per night for 12 nights. At the completion of the rental agreement, the user will receive the transponder unit, mounting bracket, and charger.

Weekly Rental

Weekly rentals for the Westhold transponders are available at a cost of $10 per event.

Proposed Mounting Locations:

Midgets/Sprint Cars

Midgets will mount the transponder on the bottom of the rear torsion tubes on the right side of the car.   Sprint Car sanctioning body rules will determine mounting location.

UMP Modifieds

Modifieds will mount the transponder on the bottom of the right rear axle tube.  Cars with under slung rails will mount the transponder as close as possible to the right rear axle tube.


Montpelier Motor Speedway - 700 South Jefferson Street - Montpelier, Indiana 47359

Owners & Promoters - Harold & Lori Hunter

Track Phone 765-728-8210