IGNITE Racing Ethanol To Offer Bonus To UMP Modifieds at Opening Montpelier Motor Speedway Races

IgniteIgnite High Performance Ethanol will offer $3000 in Bonus money for the UMP Modified division at the Montpelier Motor Speedway.  The Ignite High Performance Ethanol bonus will be available for the first 3 completed shows at the Montpelier Motor Speedway during the 2016 season and will pay the top 3 UMP Modified finishers competing with Ignite Ethanol Racing Fuel additional prize money.  The highest finishing UMP Modified entry competing with Ignite Ethanol will receive a $500 bonus, the 2nd highest finisher will receive $300, while the third highest finisher will receive $200.  The bonus is in addition to the normal purse payout.  Ignite will be offering this bonus in addition to being the primary sponsor of the Ignite Ethanol 40 on September 17th featuring double features for the UMP Modifieds and a large payout.
Duration – First 3 Races
Requirments – To be eligible, UMP Modifieds competitors must compete with an Ignite sticker/logo and utilize Ignite Racing Fuel
Bonus Payout
Top Ignite Finisher receives $500
2nd Highest Ignite Finisher receives $300
3rd Highest Ignite Finisher receives $200
IGNITE High Performance Ethanol and Lubricants, based in Central Indiana, is a leading supplier and manufacturer  of high performance ethanol fuel, specially formulated for high performance and racing applications perfect for competition in UMP Modifieds, Stock Cars, and other racing divisions.  IGNITE Racing Fuel is ethanol, so it burns cleaner—which is better for engines and the environment. It’s a cooler-burning fuel, which also extends the life of engines, and, most importantly, IGNITE provides more torque and power for the speed racers demand. Visit www.igniteracingfuel.com to learn more about how American made ethanol based racing fuels and high performance lubricants can benefit your racing program.
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