Friday, October 10 & Saturday, October 11New Show and Complete Payout Each Night!


Topless UMP ModifiedsOutlaw Super StreetsOutlaw Thunder CarsMod LitesFWD Compacts Plus 2014 Non-Winner’s Challenge for Modifieds, Super Streets and Thunder Cars!


Topless UMP Modifieds – UMP Rules (Topless Optional)

  • The only deviation for UMP Modified rules is the removal of the roof!   Modifieds will follow ALL other UMP rules including tire rule (Hoosier A, D, H or American Racer equivalent), tire width, etc…
  • Sail panels, top wings, etc… are NOT legal in the modified division!

Outlaw Super Streets

  • Minimum Weighto        2 Barrel Carburetor 3000 Poundso        4 Barrel Carburetor 3200 Poundso        Aluminum bodies add additional 100 pounds
  • Sprint Car Style Wings, Big Spoilers. Topless, Air Foils, etc… are LEGAL! (Optional)
  • Maximum 8 inch Tire (Open Tire Brand Rule – Hoosier, American Racer, Any DOT Tire)
  • Rear tail area of the car must be enclosed.
  •  All Safety Rules Apply
  • Attica and Fremont Trucks Legal in Outlaw Super Street Class

Outlaw Thunder Cars

  • Sprint car style Top Wings are LEGAL! (Optional).  Thunder Cars that are running a top wing CAN remove the roof where the pillars meet the front fenders and rear quarters  Thunder Cars without a top wing must keep their roofs intact.
  • Rear Deck Spoilers are LEGAL (Optional)
  • Minimum Weight – 2 Barrel Carburetor 3,200 Pounds – 4 Barrel Carburetor 3,400 Pounds
  • Maximum 8″ inch stock DOT Tire (No Race Tires!)
  • Entirely Stock (All Steel) Engine and Entirely Stock Frame and Suspension Components (Aftermarket Valve Covers, Aftermarket Oil Pan, and Tubular Upper Control Arms Allowed)!
  • 9inch Ford and Floater Rearends allowed, Aftermarket Shocks and Springs are allowed.
  • Any car registered or raced as a Super Street at the Montpelier Motor Speedway in 2013 or any car raced in a street stock class allowing race tires is not eligible to compete in the Thunder Car class and must remain in the Super Street class.
  • All Safety Rules Apply

Front Wheel Drive Compacts

  • Front Wheel Drive Car
  • Any stock 4/6 cylinder engine.
  • 7″ maximum width tire.
  • All Safety Rules Apply including proper cage, seat, belts, fire suit/helmet, and fuel containment.

2014 Non-Winner’s Challenge Race

Driver and Car Eligibility

  • Driver CANNOT have won an A Main event in ANY class at ANY speedway during the 2014 season.  2014 heat race winners and BMain winners are allowed in the non-winner challenge.
  • Car CANNOT have won an A Main event in ANY class at ANY speedway during the 2014 season.
  • Winner Takes All – Trophy, Pictures, $ To Win
  • Car and driver must compete in heats and other Mains for the Outlaw Duel Weekend’s event for that night before competing in the Non-Winner’s Challenge.
  • No driver changes will be allowed.  You must compete with the car and car number you entered at pill draw.
  • No Entry Fee
  • Notify staff at sign in of your intention to compete in this race.

Race Distance

  • 12 Laps

Starting Spot

  • Determined By Pill Draw


Date & Times

Night #1 – Friday, October 10
Times Gates Open – 4:00Hot Laps – 6:00 PMRacing – 7:00 PM    Topless UMP Modifieds –  $1000 To Win | $100 To Start  Outlaw Super Streets –  $500 To Win | $75 To Start

 Outlaw Thunder Cars –  $400 To Win | $50 To Start

 Mod Lites –  $160 To Win | $40 To Start

FWD Compacts –  $160 To Win | $40 To Start

 2014 Non-Winner’s Challenge  Thunder Cars – $ To Win


Night #2 – Saturday, October 11
  Times Gates Open – 12:00Hot Laps – 4:00PMRacing – 5:00PM    Midgets  Topless UMP Modifieds –  $1000 To Win | $100 To Start  Outlaw Super Streets –  $500 To Win | $75 To Start

 Outlaw Thunder Cars –  $400 To Win | $50 To Start

 Mod Lites –  $160 To Win | $40 To Start

 FWD Compacts –  $160 To Win | $40 To Start

 2014 Non-Winner’s Challenge  UMP Modifieds – $ To Win

 2014 Non-Winner’s Challenge  Super Streets – $ To Win

Ticket Info

General Admission – $12 (Each Night)

Kids (12 and Under) – FREE (with paid accompanying adult)

Pit Pass – $30 (Each Night)

Entry Fee – None

Montpelier Motor Speedway Competitors License – $20

A Montpelier Motor Speedway Competitors License is required to race at the Montpelier Motor Speedway. The fee for the license is $20.00. If you wish to save time at the track on race day, a link to this form can be found below.  The paperwork can also be completed at the track upon your arrival.  This is a one-time license that must be completed upon your first race at the Speedway each year (if you have already raced here in 2013, then you already have this license).