The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and, by participating in these events all participants are deemed to have compiled with these rules:


Montpelier Motor Speedway officials shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that, in their opinion, do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements.

NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS. Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials, whose decision is final.


a. All drivers must be at least 14 years old.

b. All drivers are required at any time to submit to a physical examination whenever requested by Montpelier Motor Speedway officials.

c. Any injured or suspended driver or team member shall not participate in any event without approval of Montpelier Motor Speedway officials. Montpelier Motor Speedway officials have the right to request a doctor’s release at any time.

d. The driver and car owner assumes responsibility of the actions of their pit crew.

e. Any car may be subject to inspection by Montpelier Motor Speedway officials at any time.

f. The scoring tower and flag stand are off limits to drivers, owners, crew and/or family members and to the general public.

g. Rough driving and/or unsportsmanlike conduct interactions are subject to penalties and/or disqualification to be determined by Montpelier Motor Speedway officials. This rule includes anyone connected with the car and includes conduct on and off the track.

h. Before entering the pit area, a release must be signed by everyone – no exceptions.
Entering the pit area without a signed release and approval from Montpelier Motor Speedway officials is prohibited.

i. No open fires or grills allowed in the pit area.

j. Owners, drivers, and/or pit crews shall have no claims against or cause of action for damages or expenses against Montpelier Motor Speedway or its officials by reason of disqualification or damage to either driver, car or both.

k. There will be no dumping of any type of petroleum product on Montpelier Motor Speedway grounds or may any tires be left on the property. Violation of this rule will result in a fine, suspension, or both.

l. At no time will non-competing members be allowed on the track, across the track or in the infield without approval of Montpelier Motor Speedway officials.

m. The interpretation of rules pertaining to race procedure or scoring positions by Montpelier Motor Speedway officials shall be final.

n. On non-qualifying events, heats are to be determined by a pull tab drawing. Each driver, their family or a team member may draw one pull tab.  All pull tab drawings will be completed by the start of the driver’s meeting. Failure to draw a pill will result in your car being placed at the end of the line.  Only one pill drawn only per car/driver in each division.  Drivers running late may call 765-728-8210 to have a pull tab drawn for them.  Call-ins for drawing will not be conducted until the draw has closed and all other drivers have drawn.

o. Montpelier Motor Speedway may implement a time limit on heat and feature races at the discretion of the track officials.

p. All event winnings must be picked up at the payout booth by the conclusion of the race event.

q. One way radios are required for all competitors competing at Montpelier Motor Speedway.  Raceceivers will be used on the default channel 454.000

r. Additionally: Montpelier Motor Speedway is private property. The management reserves the right to refuse entry to any individual(s) onto the property and further reserves the right to eject any individual(s) from the premises at any time, if in our discretion, we determine the individual(s) presence or conduct is not in the best interest of the Montpelier Motor Speedway

In addition, the management reserves the right to suspend, disqualify, bar, and/or fine (with payment as a condition of further competition) any participant(s) who, in our discretion, is engaged in misconduct, and/or whose presence or conduct is deemed not to be in the best interest of Montpelier Motor Speedway The duration and severity of any such action shall be determined solely by the management.



All starts will be double file and will receive the green flag at the starting cone in turn 4.  The cone also serves as the throttle point for racing.  Race line- ups will be posted in advance in which you will be responsible to know which races you will be starting in and your starting position


The leader of the race will start all restarts at the starting cone in turn 4 and shall proceed nose to tail single file through the cone.   Restarts will constitute a single line formation so that race officials can correct the line-up as given to them by the scorers.

Failure of any driver to get into your designated position or to allow another driver into their designated position as directed by track officials will result in a black flag. If you are not on the track in any event by the given amount of time, you will be sent to the tail. If the one lap signal has been given, you are not allowed to enter the track.

Jumping Starts and Restarts

The front row will bring the field to the stripe/line at a moderate speed side by side, nose to tail. The field must stay side by side until the leaders start at the turn 4 cone. Cars out of position will be penalized two positions. If front row starters do not produce a good start after two attempts, the front row will be moved back 1 row/position.

If you pass before the leaders reach the turn 4 starting stripe/line, you will be penalized two positions for every car passed. On restarts (nose to tail), if you pass another car before the flag stand or are out of single file position, you will be penalized two positions for every car passed or penalized two positions for being out of single file order.  The penalty will be assessed at the next yellow flag.  If a yellow  flag is not given after the violation, the penalty will be assessed in the final results.

Green Flag

The start of the race commences when the green flag waves. A start is considered the completion of one scored green flag lap.  In the event a car fails to start, alternates may be added to complete a 20 car field.  After the completion of one scored green flag lap, no alternatives will be added. You must complete one green flag lap to receive start money in any race.

Yellow Flag

If at any time you stop on the track or cause a yellow, you will be sent to the rear of the scored lap group. Once you have caused TWO yellow or red flags, or any combination of the two, in the same event, you will be black-flagged.  Any car penalized for rough driving will be charged with a yellow. A yellow will not be thrown for any car safely sitting off the track-racing surface. (Inside the tires)

Any excessive speed, inappropriate/unapproved actions or failure to follow the direction of officials while under a yellow/red flag condition may result in the driver being sent to the tail, black flag or other misconduct penalties.

Red Flag

Any car causing a red flag will be sent to the rear of the scored lap group. In the event of a red flag, if you leave the track or change a tire, you will be sent to the rear of the scored lap group. Competitors may work on the car on the track during an open red flag. No work will be permitted on closed reds. If you pass the red flag or fail to stop in a timely/safe manner, you will be sent to the rear of the scored lap group.

Black Flag

If the black flag is waved at you, leave the racing surface immediately. You will not be permitted to reenter the race for that event. If the black flag is pointed at you, you have been given a warning. Any car that is deemed unsafe will be black-flagged. (Flat tire, loose sheet metal or bar, etc.) Any driver that intentionally causes a yellow flag or delays the race will be black flagged.

Leader Takes Checkered Flag

If a yellow or red flag must be thrown after the checkered flag is taken, the race is officially over. Those cars not crossing the finish line before the red/yellow will be scored in the position they were in on the last green flag lap. Any car charged with a yellow or red flag that had not taken the checkered will be scored by flag procedure.

Official Race and Finish

Any race that is scored halfway or beyond and is cancelled due to weather, act of nature, or any situation beyond the control of track officials, etc. will be counted as a complete race.

Damage to Cars

If a competitor is involved in an accident and a part that is about to come off, race officials will attempt to remove the part or adjust sheet metal or tubing so the competitor can continue to race. If officials cannot remove or adjust the part within a very short period of time and without the assistance of tools or excessive force, you will be required to leave the track or report to the work area for B/A Main events.  Competitors may stop to request a safety check from officials.

Work Area

Competitors in all classes will be allowed to access work area during B Main and A Main events only.

Competitors will receive a minimum of three yellow flags laps to complete repairs.  Lap count begins when the competitor enters the work area.  At the conclusion of the three yellow flag laps, race officials may restart the race if the line up, track, etc… are deemed ready for racing.  Re-entry will not be allowed after the race has restarted.

Competitors must complete all work in the designated work area.  Competitors are not permitted to leave work area for any reason.  Any competitor that does not report directly to the work area from the track or leaves the work area shall be considered finished for the race and their final finishing position will be scored.

After completion of work in the work area, the competitor will rejoin the field at the tail.

Lapped Cars

Lapped cars will be positioned at the rear of the field by lap group in all races on restarts.

Stopping on the Track

Any driver who stops on the track to protest will be disqualified.

Exiting Car

Any driver that exits the car during a race shall be considered finished for the race and their final finishing position will be scored.

Switching Cars

If a qualified driver is unable to race in their own car, the driver may elect to switch to another participating car, but must start at the rear of the field for that event. No switching of cars will be permitted during a race.

Entering The Track

When entering the track for all events (Hot Laps, Heats, B Main, or A Main) all cars will remain at idle speed until you are directed by a track official to take off or to get in line.  Raceceivers and complete fire suits are required to be used anytime a car is on the track.  Failure to do so will result in offending cars being placed on the tail of that event or directed to the infield.

Entering the Pits

All cars entering the pits must do so at idle speed. Any cars moving at high rates of speed or in an unsafe manner in the pit area will be subject to a penalty for misconduct at the discretion of track officials.

Super Streets, Thunder Car, & FWD Compact – 3 Consecutive Wins Penalty

Any driver or car in the Super Streets, Thunder Car, or FWD Compact division that wins three consecutive A Main events at the Montpelier Motor Speedway will be required to start the next feature at the tail of the field.  The penalty will be assessed until the driver/car win streak is broken.  If the next event is a special paying event, the penalty will not be assessed until the next regular event if the consecutive win streak is still in place.  Any car that wins from the tail due to penalty will be subject to inspection before competing again at the Montpelier Motor Speedway.


Any class with more than 2 heats or more shall redraw for their starting position for the A Main event.  Depending on the size of the field the top 2 or 3 finishers in each heat will be required to redraw.

Feature Length (Regular Event)

Midgets –  20 Laps

UMP Modifieds – 20 Laps

Super Streets, Thunder Cars, FWD Compacts – 15 Laps

Fields of less than 10 cars may see a reduction in the number of A Main laps or the loss of a heat race if time/program needs necessitates it.

B Main

If officials determine due to the remaining number of entries that a B Main is not required, then the final positions of the A Main field can be locked to the cars that have reported to the B Main staging area.   The addition of running laps or bringing the staged cars onto the track for a B Main is not needed to lock the field in this case.


The top finisher in the A-Main event must stop on the front stretch at the conclusion of the race for awards unless directed otherwise by race officials due to time constraints.

Conduct Rules

Misconduct: Each person signing into the pit area is expected to conduct himself or herself in a sportsman or sportswoman-like manner on and off the track. Good conduct includes, but is not limited to the following:
1. No fighting and/or behavior threatening violence on property.
2. No possession of illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia or weapons of any kind permitted on premises.
3. No use of alcoholic beverages permitted immediately before or during a racing program.
4. Respect for all track officials and a willingness to accept their decisions and directions.
5. No public address interviews, display of signs, or paintings on racecars that use obscenity or profanity, or are considered in bad taste by track officials.
6. STRICT ADHERENCE to pit gate sign-in procedures.
7. Good faith adherence to all track procedures and class competition requirements. By participating in the race program, each participant agrees to faithfully follow all car and competition rules and to accept the decisions and directions of track officials in regards to rule enforcement.

Conduct Rules/Race Procedure Infractions Penalties

The Montpelier Motor Speedway may impose the following penalties for rules infractions:

  • Disqualification – all points and monies for the night are forfeited.
  • Suspension – race suspension of a period up to 2 races or 14 days.
  • Indefinite Suspension – remainder of the season up to 365 days.

Point Distribution

Tow Points

A car that hot laps, but fails to compete in their heat and feature will receive 5 points for towing to the track.

Last Place Points

Cars that make an earnest attempt at racing (meaning they attempted to compete in a heat race at race speed, in attendance for a make up feature, etc…) but is unable to start a main will be rewarded last place points based on the size of the field. If there is a B Main for that class, they are awarded with last place B Main points.

Disqualifications, Scaling, and Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Any driver that does not pass post race inspection, meet minimum weight as required by class rules, fails to scale immediately following event as required by feature finishers, or participates in actions deemed as unsportsmanlike conduct by the race director will forfeit all points and monies for the event and may be subject to further disciplinary actions per the conduct rules/infractions penalties.

Championship Tie Breaker

If a tie exists at the conclusion of the championship season, the tie breaker will be determined by:

– Number of A Main Feature Wins

If a tie still exists after the first tie breaker, track officials will use the number of 2nd place finishes to determine the tie breaker.  This process will continue through 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc… until the tie is broken.

Rookie of the Year

Any driver with less than 6 career starts in their respective division will be eligible to compete for the Rookie of the Year award.  Drivers must declare their intention for competing for the Rookie of the Year award on their Competitors License Form.

Points Fund Payout

The advertised points fund payout is guaranteed and all monies and awards will be presented at the track championship banquet.  Competitors must have competed in 50% of the completed points events to be eligible for points fund payout.