UMP Modified

UMP Modifieds Points –
1T5XBub Roberts556Warren, Indiana
2118Bill Lewis548Montpelier, Indiana
365Todd Sherman538Churubusco, Indiana
4116Jimmie Haager477Richmond, Indiana
523Ryan Cripe474North Manchester, Indiana
617N/16WDillon Nusbaum390Spencerville, Indiana
718Randy Lines376Marion, Indiana
872Todd Gnat366Valadia, Ohio
99Travis Nichols359Portland, Indiana
1024Zeke McKenzie338Claypool, Indiana
11711Jerry Bland Jr332Anderson, Indiana
1280Cole Sink -*R328Fort Wayne, Indiana
1396Pete Wormcastle313Fort Wayne, Indiana
1414Josh Betts298Montpelier, Indiana
1518Ryan Sutter298Fort Recovery, Ohio
16188Aaron Orr262Columbia City, Indiana
1777Andy Bishop240Gas City, Indiana
1855DBrandon Dailey226Geneva, Indiana
1986Luke Timmerman224St Henry, Ohio
201KLogan Kirkman214Richmond, Indiana
212BDarryl Banks206Van Wert, Ohio
22R19Ryan Ramseyer197Liberty Center, Indiana
2321Derek Losh178Renssalaer, Indiana
24HOBBSLee Hobbs158Mitchell, Indiana
2514Jessica Sroufe156Huntington, Indiana
2653Bobby Stremme156South Bend, Indiana
279Erny Gingerich146Bunker Hill, Indiana
282MMatt Mitchell142
2957Josh Malott132Montpelier, Indiana
30114Clayton Bryant131
313WDylan Woodling122Warsaw, Indiana
325Curt Spaulding116Michigan
332BTyler Teegardin 116Fort Wayne, Indiana
34E85Jesse Strange110Marion, Indiana
354GBill Griffith110Van Buren, Ohio
3625Josh Lolmaugh106Columbia City, Indiana
3747Alan Ketchum104
3822Joel Sherman102
395HBrian Hogan97Cincinnati, Ohio
4030Jon Raney95Fort Wayne, Indiana
41J7Joey Illif90
4212JJ Nordman88Fort Wayne, Indiana
4345Dennis Farver Sr.86Alexandria, Indiana
4480Daniel Russell83Eaton, Indiana
458Jim Mallery78Mooresville, Indiana
4649Mason Stewart78Portland, Indiana
4717Nick Rosselit75
484Brandon McComas70Yorktown, Indiana
4955Brandon Archey66
5076John Halsey64Huntington, Indiana
517CJordan Conover60
5231Tom Bell60
5317Nick Felkey60
5436Jamie Lomax60Lake Village, Indiana
558CCorey Bevard 60Homer, Michigan
5610Bradley Jameson60Logansport, Indiana
570Garrett Jameson60Logansport, Indiana
5868Adam Sticker60
595David Vanguilder60
602Curtis Disenroth60
614Logan Bechwith60
6296Mike McKinney60
6351RJ Otto60
6425Tyler Nicely60
65M1GMatt Twinning60
667Richie Lex60
6720Josh Morton60
6811Blake Spaulding60
6949Chris Garrett60
705Mike Learman58Woodstock, Illinois
7135David Stremme58Mooresville, North Carolina
7247Collin Thirlby56Traverse City, Michigan
7322TTony Anderson56Lima, Ohio
7415Dave Baker54Michigan
7528Chad Rosenbeck54Versailes, Ohio
7619BBrandon Ordaway46
7712WBrian Williams46Muncie, Indiana
7853Clint Reagle44
7949Brent Davis _*R43Dunkirk, Indiana
809CTony Catarene40
81B14Zach Brubaker34Roann, Indiana
8295Glenn Bradley33Marion, Indiana
831JRBrian Prezporia32Michigan
843WCraig Walker31Galeveston, Indiana
8557Brennan Sherman30Churubusco, Indiana
8611Kevin Grilliot30
875Terry Hull28Columbia City, Indiana
8817TMichael Tarlton24Albion, Indiana
890Cole Murphy24Connersville, Indiana
9010Doyel Payne22
9141Jason McCoy20
9221Tom Treon19
93555Will Bennett17West Lafeyette, Indiana
94115Mike Knepley16Knightstown, Indiana
9507SCory Skipton16
9671EPat Ehlert15
971JJ Bulter15Jackson Center, Ohio

Super Street

Super Streets Points –
176Jami Cale492Huntington, Indiana
257Jeffrey Jessup446Winchester, Indiana
34DBrandon Dailey442Berne, Indiana
4463Daniel Sanchez440West Sand Lake, New York
51WMark Wooten440Greenville, Ohio
67Matt Cale416Huntington, Indiana
778James Headley394Marion, Indiana
83Cale Ramey388Muncie, Indiana
95Jarrett Rennaker _*R368Huntington, Indiana
107John Halsey274Huntington, Indiana
111Jeff Matheny260Brownsville, Indiana
1217Jeremy Creech238Richmond, Indiana
1318BBob Sutter212Fort Recovery, Ohio
149WJoe Wiggins204Jonesboro, Indiana
157WDan Wooten190Sydney, Ohio
16171Robert Pardo184Richmond, Indiana
1739Nick Newton182Richmond, Indiana
181OffKenny Brady158
19828Charles Catt152Richmond, Indiana
2012Terry Sroufe106Huntington, Indiana
213WCraig Walker100Galveston, Indiana
227Dan Snyder62Rising Sun, Indiana
237BShawn Valenti60Fostoria, Ohio
2420John Rhodes56Upland, Indiana
2544Jamie Pardue56
2689Keith Shockency44Lima, Ohio
2716Zach Haager38Richmond, Indiana
285GAnthony Goode38
2972Eric Portridge34
3014Raymond Richardson34

Thunder Car

Thunder Cars Points –
PLACECar #DriverTotal PointsHometown
11Jerald Owens698Marion, Indiana
210Mike Oler586Connersville, Indiana
319Travis Nichols540Portland, Indiana
42Jimmy Watters498Montpelier, Indiana
522Doug Dunica488Marion, Indiana
610Bob Byrley472Portland, Indiana
795Wryan Collis434Greenfield, Indiana
89Steve Mills368Portland, Indiana
942MShane Richardson332Bluffton, Indiana
1077Greg Long314Noblesville, Indiana
111Ervin Turner282Marion, Indiana
123NKaleb Nutter276Kokomo, Indiana
1387Mark Keith260Muncie, Indiana
1416HZach Haager_*R255
15911George Banter250
163DDalton Smith248Richmond, Indiana
1738Dustin Marcum246
1881Austin Jones200
1955Jacob Owens196
2061Kirk Russell190
2136DJ Holt170Marion, Indiana
22XSteve Clark156
2323Steve Tanner102
2499Andy King94
2583Zach Leyman 92Keystone, Indiana
2639Nick Newton76Richmond, Indiana
273LIan Levalley70
2883Greg Marlow63
2922Dustin Ratliff62
3055Josh Owens58Marion, Indiana
3124Frankie Feight48
3237Jeff Hinkley Jr46
3310Eric Hunter46Kokomo, Indiana
3407XJosh Neal42
3599Kevin Knittle40
3626Frankie Oakes 40
3717David Norman40
3837HKaleb Hinkley34
3936Gerald Mullinex34
4069Roy Mulkey Sr32
4135Randy Lines28Marion, Indiana
4283LJoe Earl28
433dDavid Smith26
448Kevin Conley24
45XDavid Norman22Bluffton, Indiana
4619Cody Devlin20
4773Brian Bauldauf17
4873Jeff Baldauff16

FWD Compacts

FWD Compacts Points –
PLACECar NumberNameTotal PointsHometown 
119Josh Gamblin716Kokomo, Indiana
288Eric Solms 648Marion, Indiana
32Alyssa Clark630Columbia City, Indiana
49Joel Smitley 502Portland, Indiana
582CAaron Dennis502Portland, Indiana
60James Headley Jr -*R418Warren, Indiana
734Brad Evans -*R412Marion, Indiana
849Jim Sherron406Gas City, Indiana
924Gage Allen380Marion, Indiana
106Dillon Loudy -*R288
11P1Ryan Piker -*R280Kokomo, Indiana
1295Storm Hayes -*R274Marion, Indiana
13P2Brandon Nutter198Kokomo, Indiana
1462Jeremy Dunham186Kokomo, Indiana
1551Tommy Mayworm144
1633Dallas Miller134Berne, Indiana
1787Logan Easterday118Penville, Indiana
1855DAustin Dailey118
1919Dustin Franks116Eaton, Ohio
2033Kolten Sollars114
212Josh Atkins106Ohio
2244DDusty Frasure98Lima, Ohio
237Brandon Weight96Anderson, Indiana
24709Abby Werling94
2592Brandon McDaries92Quincy, Michigan
265AMike Alley84Mooresville, Indiana
273DDalton Davis -*R82Wapokenta, Ohio
2899Greg O'Neil58New Bavaria, Ohio
29XAustin Scott58New Castle, Indiana
3096Ryan Okuley56Kokomo, Indiana
3107XJosh Neal 56Richmond, Indiana
3221Darrin Harrington56
3311DCarson Day50
3460Mike Fugate50Fairmount, Indiana
3521James Razo48Kokomo, Indiana
36P2Billy Swagerity44
373WRobbie White40Kokomo, Indiana
3837Scott Harrington36Kokomo, Indiana
3927Robbie Tuttle32
4082CDonald Collins30
414Travis Nichols28Portland, Indiana


Midgets Points –
PLACECAR#DRIVERTotal PointsHometown     
122Chase Jones296Greenwood, Indiana
221Nick Speidel244Muncie, Indiana
332Chris Baue218Indianapolis, Indiana
410Chett Gehrke212Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
53Alex Watson210Columbus, Ohio
611Aaron Leffel198Springfield, Ohio
771Stratton Briggs194Anna, Ohio
816/8Davey Ray184Davenport, Iowa
97Jon Steed -*R178
102Corey Guingrich154Celina, Ohio
1121Justin Dickerson142Pittsboro, Indiana
127Kevin Blue -*R138
1343Logan Arnold124Franklin, Indiana
1488Scott Orr122Columbia City, Indiana
1585Shane Hollingsworth114Indianapolis, Indiana
1684Bill Dunham113Bellevue, Michigan
1739Kyle May 108Fontaintown, Indiana
185CTyler Key98
1912Kyle Kreighbaum -*R89
207Taylor Cox89
2129Mike Streicher87
2288Tyler Nelson86Olathe, Kansas
2317Michael Koontz86Bloomington, Indiana
2429Brandon Watson80
254Don Bigelow79Wisconsin
2625Jon Watson74Columbus, Ohio
272Thomas Bigelow72Winchester, Indiana
2817Dakota Jackson70
2929Brent Watson67
305VJesse Vermillion61
3139Zeb Wise60Angola, Indiana
3212Billy Wease58Noblesville, Indiana
3312Tom Hunt56
3489Chance Crum56
3589BBraydan Willmington56New South Wales, Australia
3673Blake Vermillion54
3724Scott Hunter54
3823Brad Strunk48Mason, Ohio
3922Gunnar Lucius46Lima, Ohio
4083Jeff Beasley44Urbana, Illinios
4151Russ Gamester42
4211Zach Guingrich37Celina, Ohio
437KZach Hampton32
4441Oliver Akard30Findlay, Ohio
4529Brian Karraker30Indianapolis, Indiana
4632Nick Hamilton29
473DBryce Dues26
487Tom Hessel22
4920Mark Neift18Ohio
506Brad Kraus18Noblesville, Indiana
5111Ben Taylor15
523DBrandon Dailey13Berne. Indiana

Points System

Points System
Montpelier Motor Speedway Track Championship Points System 
B Main (1st Equals First Car NOT Transferred to Amain)
3rd 18
5th 16
11th +10
Tow Points5

Point Distribution
Tow Points
A car that hot laps, but fails to compete in their heat and feature will receive 5 points for towing to the track.
Last Place Points
Cars that make an earnest attempt at racing (meaning they attempted to compete in a heat race at race speed, in attendance for a make up feature, etc…) but is unable to start a main will be rewarded last place points based on the size of the field. If there is a B Main for that class, they are awarded with last place B Main points.
Disqualifications, Scaling, and Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Any driver that does not pass post race inspection, meet minimum weight as required by class rules, fails to scale immediately following event as required by feature finishers, or participates in actions deemed as unsportsmanlike conduct by the race director will forfeit all points and monies for the event and may be subject to further disciplinary actions.
Championship Tie Breaker
If a tie exists at the conclusion of the championship season, the tie breaker will be determined by:
– Number of A Main Feature Wins
If a tie still exists after the first tie breaker, track officials will use the number of 2nd place finishes to determine the tie breaker.  This process will continue through 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc… until the tie is broken.
Rookie of the Year
Any driver with less than 6 career A Main starts in their respective division will be eligible to compete for the Rookie of the Year award.  Drivers must declare their intention for competing for the Rookie of the Year award on their Competitors License Form.  Drivers are only eligible for ROY honors if it is the 1st year racing or if they are moving up a class in speed from previous seasons.  Drivers are not eligible by moving down a class in speed.  Classes ranked by speed are:

1. Midgets
2. UMP Modifieds
3. Super Streets
4. Thunder Cars
5. FWD Compacts

Points Fund Payout
The advertised points fund payout is guaranteed and all monies and awards will be presented at the track championship banquet.  Competitors must have competed in 50% of the completed events to be eligible for points fund payout.  Drivers should be present at the banquet to represent the track, their sponsors, and race teams.