UMP Modified

UMP Modifieds Points
122TTony AndersonLima, Ohio116
2T5XBub RobertsWarren, Indiana106
31BGlenn BradleyVan Buren, Indiana92
422LBill LewisMontpelier, Indiana86
557Josh MalottMontpelier, Indiana84
617NDillon NusbaumSpencerville, Indiana82
765Todd ShermanChurubusco, Indiana80
86Andy BishopGas City, Indiana70
99Travis NicholsPortland, Indiana61
1017TMichael TarltonAlbion, Indiana60
1147Collin ThirlbyTraverse City, Michigan56
1235Bobby StremmeSouth Bend, Indiana56
13R19Ryan RamseyerLiberty Center, Indiana54
1424Zeke McKenzieClaypool, Indiana54
158CCorey Bevard Homer, Michigan52
164Mason StewartPortland, Indiana51
1725Josh LolmaughColumbia City, Indiana48
1827Frank PaladinoLima, Ohio46
194Brandon McComasYorktown, Indiana46
208Jim MalleryMooresville, Indiana45
2196Pete WormcastleFort Wayne, Indiana42
2218Ryan SutterFort Recovery, Ohio40
231Andrew ClarkColumbia City, Indiana40
2443Eric MorrisHartford City, Indiana38
2523Ryan CripeNorth Manchester, Indiana38
26711Jerry BlandAnderson, Indiana35
2714Josh BettsMontpelier, Indiana34
2887David MielkeGladwin, Michigan34
2918Randy LinesMarion, Indiana32
3021Kenny Carlson30
3180Daniel RusselEaton, Indiana24
3222Joel ShermanMichgian22
337M Lonnie McIntyreDecatur, Indiana20
34K9Scott GerdemanOhio19
351Brian Prezporia19
3638Tim Sullivan18
3721Hillard MillerDefiance, Ohio18
3886Luke TimmermanSt Henry, Ohio17
3911JSJosh ScottGrand Rapids, Ohio15
4011Tyler Morehouse15
4111Billy HaagerLynn, Indiana14
4227Jason JonesAngola, Indiana13
4311Kevin McCartyPeru, Indiana12
442Aaron Rece12

Super Street

Super Streets Points
122TTony AndersonLima, Ohio114
21Jeff MathenyBrownsville, Indiana110
315Tony HomanCelina, Ohio100
468MCRob LoveBerne, Indiana100
578James HeadleyMarion, Indiana96
657Jeffrey Jessup96
714Bill LewisMontpelier, Indiana96
851Ron FlaughConverse, Indiana90
9682MCAlbert JonesGeneva, Indiana84
1054Dan WootenSydney, Ohio54
1115Jami CaleHuntington, Indiana52
1276John HalseyHuntington, Indiana50
1393Cody Laney46
141WMark WootenOhio40
154DBrandon DaileyBerne, Indiana40
167Matt CaleHuntington, Indiana38
1751Bob SutterFort Recovery, Ohio34
182Jeremy StockerPortland, Indiana30

Thunder Car

Thunder Cars Points
110Mike OlerConnersville, Indiana116
226Frankie Oakes Cambridge City, Indiana110
32Jimmy WattersMontpelier, Indiana104
41Ervin TurnerMarion, Indiana100
51Jerald OwensMarion, Indiana94
69Travis NicholsPortland, Indiana92
73NKaleb NutterKokomo, Indiana90
810Bob Bryles -*RPortland, Indiana90
922Doug DunicaMarion, Indiana86
1095Wryan CollisGreenfield, Indiana82
1149Brent DavisDunkirk, Indiana82
1283Zach Leyman -*RKeystone, Indiana80
138Damion WatersMontpelier, Indiana54
1454Chris Osborn -*ROhio48
1551Mark West46
1621Braxton StraightHartford City, Indiana36
177Bryan Banta34
1867Bob BourffKokomo, Indiana28

FWD Compacts

FWD Compacts Points
107XJosh Neal New Castle, Indiana114
22Alyssa ClarkColumbia City, Indiana102
332Brock FarmerPortland, Indiana98
45WRobbie WhiteKokomo, Indiana92
533James Sollars88
624Gage AllenWarren, Indiana84
792SSharon SwansonMarkle, Indiana82
892LLoren SwansonMarkle, Indiana68
99Joel Smitley -*RPortland, Indiana64
1075Randy Brommer -*RColumbia City, Indiana62
1162Jeremy DunhamKokomo, Indiana60
1221Rodney SuttonNew Castle, Indiana60
1392Brandon McDariesLima, Ohio58
1475Jacob Beard -*RColumbia City, Indiana56
1518Brock BehklauWaldron, Michigan56
1696Ryan OkuleyNew Bavaria, Ohio52
1736Jeffrey Young -*R50
1830James SorrellPiqua, Ohio48
1982CAaron DennisPortland, Indiana46
205Makayla McCordWarsaw, Indiana42
2145Glen WestonCambridge City, Indiana40
2246Lenny WestonNew Castle, Indiana38
2338John AntoineKokomo, Indiana36
2451Tommy MaywormOhio26


Midgets Points
122Chase Jones -*RGreenwood, Indiana110
221Justin DickersonPittsboro, Indiana100
343Logan ArnoldFranklin, Indiana100
47XJustin PeckMonrovia, Indiana90
539Kyle May -*RFontaintown, Indiana90
633Davey RayDavenport, Iowa86
71HKorbyn Hayslett -*RTroy, Ohio78
811TAaron LeffelSpringfield, Ohio78
911Corey BedwellBluffton, Indiana72
106Brad KrausNoblesville, Indiana66
1138Nick CoreaCrawfordsville, Indiana62
1235Chris BaueIndianapolis, Indiana60
138JRBear WoodNew Madison, Ohio58
1497Tannar CarrickLincoln, California58
1588Scott OrrColumbia City, Indiana56
1697Jodie RobinsonForesthill, California56
1739BC Zeb WiseAngola, Indiana54
182BThomas BigelowWinchester, Indiana51
1915Cole FehrCoatesville, Indiana48
2041Alex WatsonColumbus, Indiana42
212Corey GuingrichCelina, Ohio40
2210Chett GehrkeBroken Arrow, Oklahoma35
2384Bill DunhamBellevue, Michigan34
2432Nick Hamilton -*R32
2597Jim JonesIndianapolis, Indiana28
2688Tyler NelsonOlathe, Kansas28
277Gage WalkerIndianapolis, Indiana24
2844Ron Coleman20
2966Chris Wipple20
3025Jon WatsonColumbus, Ohio19
317Tom Hessel18
3211Charles TaylorTroy, Ohio17
3344Nick DaughteryFindlay, Ohio15
3465Chris BoundsLima, Ohio14

Mod Lites

Mod Lites Points
195Todd PadgettAnderson, Indiana284
244Andy SherleySheridan, Indiana230
31David LuckeyGaleveston, Indiana214
424Dalton LeachMontpelier, Indiana212
556Ross SandersGreentown, Indiana208
665Joe BoyllKokomo, Indiana150
722Will Bennett118
827Shawn WibbleBryant, Indiana106
944Bill LewisMontpelier, Indiana60
1032Jim BeasonUrbana, Illinois56
1165Woody WoodhouseSheridan, Indiana54
1222Tony AndersonLima, Ohio52

Points System

Points System
Montpelier Motor Speedway Track Championship Points System 
B Main (1st Equals First Car NOT Transferred to Amain)
3rd 18
5th 16
11th +10
Tow Points5

Point Distribution

Tow Points

A car that hot laps, but fails to compete in their heat and feature will receive 5 points for towing to the track.

Last Place Points

Cars that make an earnest attempt at racing (meaning they attempted to compete in a heat race at race speed, in attendance for a make up feature, etc…) but is unable to start a main will be rewarded last place points based on the size of the field. If there is a B Main for that class, they are awarded with last place B Main points.

Disqualifications, Scaling, and Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Any driver that does not pass post race inspection, meet minimum weight as required by class rules, fails to scale immediately following event as required by feature finishers, or participates in actions deemed as unsportsmanlike conduct by the race director will forfeit all points and monies for the event and may be subject to further disciplinary actions.

Championship Tie Breaker

If a tie exists at the conclusion of the championship season, the tie breaker will be determined by:

– Number of A Main Feature Wins

If a tie still exists after the first tie breaker, track officials will use the number of 2nd place finishes to determine the tie breaker.  This process will continue through 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc… until the tie is broken.

Rookie of the Year

Any driver with less than 6 career starts in their respective division will be eligible to compete for the Rookie of the Year award.  Drivers must declare their intention for competing for the Rookie of the Year award on their Competitors License Form.

Points Fund Payout

The advertised points fund payout is guaranteed and all monies and awards will be presented at the track championship banquet.  Competitors must have competed in 50% of the completed events to be eligible for points fund payout.