IGNITE High Performance Ethanol & Lubricants Partners with Montpelier Motor Speedway To Host UMP Modified $3000 To Win and $300 To Start Double Feature Events on July 18th.

IGNITE High Performance Ethanol and Lubricants, www.igniteracingfuel.com, has partnered with the Montpelier Motor Speedway to host a blockbuster UMP Modified event on Saturday, July 18th with the inaugural running of the IGNITE High Performance Ethanol 40 and IGNITE High Performance Lubricants 20.   The event will place 40 different UMP Modified drivers into A Main events with two separate action packed features at the 112 year old East Central Indiana racing facility.

The inaugural winner of the IGNITE High Performance Ethanol 40 will pay the winner a healthy $3,000 while competitors who merely start the feature will receive a guaranteed $300.   As an added bonus if the winning driver of the IGNITE High Performance Ethanol 40 is competing with IGNITE High Performance Ethanol Fuel (E85, E98, IGNITE 108, or IGNITE 114), they will receive an additional $1,500 bonus bringing their total winnings to $4,500.  The second feature event, IGNITE High Performance Lubricants 20, will pit drivers in the 21st-40th position (after B Main action), into a feature event paying a full regular purse of $600 To Win | $75 To Start.

IGNITE High Performance Ethanol and Lubricants, based in Central Indiana, is a leading supplier and manufacturer  of high performance ethanol fuel, specially formulated for high performance and racing applications perfect for competition in UMP Modifieds, Stock Cars, and other racing divisions.  IGNITE Racing Fuel is ethanol, so it burns cleaner—which is better for engines and the environment. It’s a cooler-burning fuel, which also extends the life of engines, and, most importantly, IGNITE provides more torque and power for the speed racers demand. IGNITE Lubricants utilize a revolutionary corn base oil, that has been specially formulated to exceed the standards set in a variety of applications. With a high viscosity index, high flash/fire point and natural lubricity, IGNITE’s line of high performance lubricants will help engines run cooler, create more power, and protect parts against wear and corrosion.   IGNITE High Performance Ethanol and Lubricants not only delivers high performance gains and reduction in engine wear, but also can provide a substantial cost savings.  The IGNITE product line also features a line of high performance lubricants including engine oil, automatic transmission fluid (*fire resistance), gear oil, and shock oil that can deliver the protection racers need, on and off the track.  Visit www.igniteracingfuel.com to learn more about how American made ethanol based racing fuels and high performance lubricants can benefit your racing program.

Ignite High Performance Ethanol 40   Ignite High Performance Lubricants 20
1st $3000   1st $600
2nd $1500   2nd $400
3rd $1250   3rd $300
4th $1000   4th $250
5th $750   5th $200
6th $600   6th $170
7th $550   7th $160
8th $500   8th $150
9th $450   9th $140
10th $400   10th $130
11th $300   11th $120
12th $300   12th $110
13th $300   13th $100
14th $300   14th $90
15th $300   15th $80
16th $300   16th $75
17th $300   17th $75
18th $300   18th $75
19th $300   19th $75
20th $300   20th $75


Date – Saturday, July 18
Rain Date (if needed) – Saturday, September 26

UMP Modifieds
– Ignite High Performance Ethanol 40 – $3000 To Win | $300 To Start
– Additional $1500 Bonus To Feature Winner if Competing with IGNITE High Performance Ethanol.
– Ignite High Performance Ethanol 20 – $600 To Win | $75 To Start

Super Streets – $500 To Win | $75 To Start
Thunder Cars – $400 To Win | $50 To Start

– Appearance Points Only Towards MMS Track Championship for UMP Modifieds
– 60 Appearance Points will be awarded to each driver in competition towards UMP Modifieds MMS Track Championship
– FULL UMP Points will be awarded for Modifieds.

Gates Open
 – 3:00PM
Hot Laps/Qualifying – 5:00PM
Racing – 6:30PM

General Admission
 – $12
Kids (12 and Under) – Free (with paid adult)
Pit Pass – $30

Entry Fee – None
Competitor’s License – $20

A Montpelier Motor Speedway Competitors License is required to race at the Montpelier Motor Speedway.  This is a one-time license that must be completed upon your first race at the Speedway each season.  Once this license is purchased, it is good for all remaining racing events at the Montpelier Motor Speedway.  The fee for the license is $20.00 per season and is required for payout following the event.  A link to the form is available on our website (www.MontpelierMotorSpeedway)for your convenience.

Location (East Central Indiana)

Montpelier Motor Speedway

700 South Jefferson
Montpelier, Indiana 47359

Conveniently located 15 miles from Interstate 69 Exit 264 (Indiana Highway 18)

Race Format

Sanctioning Body and Rules – UMP Dirt Car

Race Distance
Ignite High Performance Ethanol 40 Race Distance – 40 Laps
Ignite High Performance Lubricants 20 Race Distance – 20 Laps


Qualifying will be completed in group format as a part of hot laps.

Competitors will draw a pull tab to determine heat race groups.  The lowest 8 numbers shall constitute heat 1, the next 8 numbers heat 2, until all heats are completed

Each heat race will be split into two groups for qualifying leaving qualifying groups of 4 cars.

Heat Race Inversion

Based on hot laps qualifying times, heat races will be determined based on an inversion of 4.

4th Fastest Qualifier in Group 3rd Fastest Qualifier in Group
2nd Fast Qualifier in Group Fastest Qualifier in Group
5th Fastest Qualifier in Group 6th Fastest Qualifier in Group
7th Fastest Qualifier in Group 8th Fastest Qualifier in Group

The top two finishers from each heat will redraw for feature starting position.

B Mains

B Mains will be contested with 10 cars or less per each B Main.  A designated number of top finishers (based on car count) will advance to the Ignite High Performance Ethanol 40A-Main event.  The remaining finishers will be added to IGNITE Ethanol Lubricants 20 until the second field is completed with 20 competitors.  Any remaining competitor not qualifying for either feature will receive tow money.

Work Area

The Montpelier Motor Speedway has a work area located near the track exit. The car must not exit the area and all work must be completed in the chute indicated by a red barrier. The work area is only available during the A Main event.

Other Requirements

IGNITE Sticker (Provided)
 – Must be displayed on the passenger side of the car.

Raceceiver (Required) – Default Frequency 454.000

Transponder (Required)
 – The Montpelier Motor Speedway utilizes a Westhold (yellow in color) transponder system.  Drivers may use their own Westhold unit or rent/purchase from the track.

Facility Information

– Size – ¼ Mile Clay Oval
– Built in 1903 – First Auto Race 1915
– Total Montpelier Motor Speedway seating – 3,200
– Family Seating Section (located behind the flag stand) – Consumption of alcohol not permitted in this area.
– Fully stocked souvenir stand (includes MMS T-Shirts, Hoodies, Pictures, and MMS Programs)
– Fully stocked family/kid souvenir stand (includes kid’s toys and novelties, racing flags, safety glasses, hearing protection, etc… Items starting at .50/$1.00)
– New Men and Women’s restroom located behind the main grandstands. Pit side restroom is men only.
– New catch fence, front stretch wall, and run-off areas
– Concession stand (wide range of food and sides and cold/hot drinks) located behind the main grandstands. Duel lines to purchase food available from spectator area. Picnic tables spread throughout the facility.
– Beer garden – Wide range of cold adult beverages and Coke/Pepsi products. ID required. The carry-in of coolers or alcohol is prohibited due to insurance and state regulation codes.

Web and Media

Track Website – http://www. MontpelierMotorSpeedway.com
Facebook – 
Twitter (@MontpelierTrack) – www.twitter.com/MontpelierTrack

IGNITE Website – www.igniteracingfuel.com
Facebook – www.facebook.com/pages/Ignite-Racing-Fuel/226137315198
Twitter (@IgniteRaceFuel)  – www.twitter.com/IgniteRaceFuel